by Dr. Ed Young


I Corinthians 16:15-24

Amen. I like that. Don't tell anybody else how much fun we have on
Sunday night. Let all those Sunday morning folks just miss out on what
goes on. This is really great, I'll tell you. What about those Rock-
ets. I didn't see the game. I ... I really didn't. I went to sleep, I
got up and I got in The Book. And, uh, I decided just to peek, and just
look at the television and it was over and uh Gifford was in ... (I didn't
mean it.) Gifford was interviewing Mitchell Wiggins, who evidently
what, tipped in the last uh little shot. I think that's great. We're
on the victory way, I'll tell you that. How many did Byrd get today.
Naw, he didn't get too many. As long as well win, he can have all he
wants. How many did he score? How many? That's good, that is good.
It really is.
Tonight, I've got even better news, we're gonna finish I Corinthians.
That's the good news. The bad news is this is gonna get out about a
quarter to eleven. Open your Bibles to I Corinthians 16. And we're
gonna begin with the 15th verse and we are going to the end but before
we proceed let's bow for prayer together.
Father, thank you for your inspired word that has a way when we need it
of just knocking the hide off of us, that has a way when we need it to
heal those most sensitive areas of our hearts. Thank you father for
speaking clearly and plainly to us always. Just keep us sensitive to
- 2 -

thy leadership so we won't miss out. Not only on your blessings for
your children but miss out upon what you would have us to do and be in
the life that you give. Lord, you speak, let me get out of the way so
that thy word and thy message a ...

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