by Dr. Ed Young


1 Corinthians 16:10-12

Hope you have your Bibles open to I Corinthians chapter number 16.
We've got a short assignment tonight, verses 10, 11, and 12. I'm glad
you came out in the monsoon. I was taking a nap, it started to rain and
I just said, "Call off church tonight." I'm delighted we didn't do it.
I'm delighted you came on this Memorial Day weekend. We have our
high ... our college young people are at a retreat. They 'left this
afternoon. Remember them in prayer as they go for a time of not re-
treating but advancing in Bible study attd Rmye-r- a-tid fe','Iowsh-,p togeth-
er. But I'm delighted you are here to look at I Corinthians 16, these
verses. Let's begin by having a word of prayer together.
Father, thank you for the spontaneity of worship, for the way the chords
on the piano and the organ just stir our hearts and rekindle memories of
revival, renewal and refreshment that has come in our lives, yea, so
many times through the years. Lord, touch us tonight, speak to us
tonight through the instruction of thy book we pray in Jesus' name.
This morning we were talking about doing the Lord's work in the Lord's
way and everybody made an "A" on the outline except two deacons. They'd
gone to sleep and they woke up, we were chanting that outline and they
didn't know what was happening. So, we're talking about doing the
Lord's work the Lord's way and we look at a outline here of this early
- 2 -

pfart. It's a very liogiceo. one, a ve-,-y practi,ced one, it's one tba-t-
anyone would come up with because Paul is so clear as he imparts to us
ttts wo-rd -in this chapter.
So we looked at it, first of all, we de ...

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