by Dr. Ed Young


I Corinthians 15:35-49

1 trust you already have your Bibles open to I Corinthians, chapter 15.
We've been studying the resurrection on two occasions and this morning
and tonight we'll continually look at one of the truly great, great
chapters in all the Bible. We'll study today beginning with verse 35 of
the fifteenth chapter of I Corinthians all the way through verse 49. As
we bow for prayer together.

Father, we're thankful to Thee that the resurrection is always so
pertinent to any day and any time and any place. Especially does this
doctrine become precious to those of us whose mothers have gone on to be
wi th Thee. We ask in this hour that You will illumine us anew and
afresh as we seek to understand Thy tremendous truth. Lord, You speak,
let me get out of the way so that Thy word and Thy message alone might
not only be heard but may we receive it and understand it and put it
into practice right where we live. For we make this prayer through
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

In this fifteenth chapter, the Apostle Paul has already stated clearly
and categorically that the resurrection is the foundation of our faith
in Jesus Christ. He has presented almost irrefutable evidence of the
resurrection and it became absolutely conclusive to the Corinthians when
they perhaps knew individuals who were yet still alive, who had witnes-
sed for themselves this same resurrected Jesus Christ. The Corinthians

- 2 -

were having a difficult time believing in the resurrection, not of
Christ; that they could not debate with. But their own resurrection and
Paul deal with this until finally in our passage this morning, they
press a little furt ...

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