by Dr. Ed Young

Dr. H. Edwin Young
I Corinthians 14:1-40
April 20, 1986

... tonight, I Corinthians chapter 14. I want everybody to
relax as we look at this chapter. I'll tell you, it's
amazing to me, people that do not speak in tongues so many
times are uptight and defensive about it and then they get
offensive about it. Those who speak in tongues so many
times are defensive about it then they get offensive or
obnoxious about it, isn't that sad? Just listen tonight.
We're not going to have a profound, deep theological
discussion, we are going to look at some common sense words
from the Apostle Paul. That's what we're gonna do and I
just believe it will be clear and plain if we listen with a
sense of objectivity and remember that we are subject to
the Word of God and the Word of God is not subject to us.
See, so many times we have these experiences, we preimpose
on top of the Word of God or we have this understanding of
this doctrine or this belief and we put it on top of the
scripture instead of saying, "Here is our authority." And
we're going to stand under the scripture and see what it
says, see how it is instructing you and me. That's
important to any kind of Biblical understanding.

We're going to look at some verses in the fourteenth
chapter, we're going to look at some more verses next
Sunday morning in the fourteenth chapter, so all the
returns are not in as we seek to understand what the Lord
is saying to us through the inspired pen of the Apostle
Paul. Let's pray before we begin:

Father, the warmth, the intimacy, the fellowship in this
church, we praise You for it. Teach afresh how to love one
another. How in our lives to let everyone see without pride
or without a sense of ego that we belong to you. May this
indication of our dependence and Your ownership be in the
words that we speak in the walk that is ours in every
relationship without us having to babble out pious
religious C ...

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