by Dr. Ed Young

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(Transcribed from Actual tape) March 23, 1986 AM



I Corinthians 13:1-3

I trust you have your Bibles open to I Corinthians chapter number 13.

This morning we'll look at the first three verses of this famous love

chapter. Let's go to the Lord and pray together.

Father, meet with us in this hjaur, deal- us -in-d-lvldual-ly and collec-
tively, cause any conflicting things that try to press in upon us to be
pushed to one side. May we concentrate solely upon Thee. 0, Lord, You
speak, let me get out of the way so that Thy word and Thy Holy and
divine message might not only be heard but may it be received and
understood and incorporated into our living. For we make this prayer
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Everybody in the church at Corinth was doing their own thing. As a
result, there was disharmony, there was disunity, there was all sorts of
wild things going on in the name of worship. They would come to church
to participate in the Lord's Supper and some of them would get drunk.
They would come to church to have an offering and a fight would break
out. They would come to church and one offend another and they would
sue him in a court of law. So all of a sudden with all the wild kinds
of pagan worship taking place, all the imorality taking place, the
church at Corinth was in big, big trouble.
- 2 -

Now, to understand the love chapter, we have to understand the situation
in that church at Corinth. I have heard people take I Corinthians 13
and deal with it as if it came right out of heaven. They would look at
it as if it stands alone, as the great hymn of love. And certainly it
has beautiful lyrics. Certainly it is almost poetry in motion. ...

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