by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
February 23, 1986
I Corinthians 11:17-34

Family reunion. Have you ever been to one? Does your
family have a family reunion? Every year the Huff
family on my mother's side, they meet in a little
metal building out from Laurel, Mississippi and they
all gather and I see folks that I have never known and
never will know and they claim to be cousins and aunts
and uncles and two or three times removed. And we have
a big dinner and someone stands up and reads the list
of the family tree and we have a time of remembrance.
And they do that annually on my mother's side. In Jo
Beth's family, they have a reunion about every five
years that was started some years back and it lasts
for about three days. And they go to the college she
graduated from, Blue Mountain College in Blue Mountain
Mississippi, and her aunt taught there for many, many
years as did her uncle. And all of the family comes in
on the Water's side of the family. And they gather
there, the Landrums and all the Walters and and they
gather their folks us.

Family reunions, all of 'em are about alike. They
involve three things: fun, and it is fun. At Jo Beth's
family, they'd have all the grand children stand up
and perform. You know, quote something, dance, sing,
play, tell a joke; everybody has to do something. And
there are some high and there are some low moments. It
is fun. Also, it is food. That's part of a family
reunion. You just eat for however long you're there.
You eat and you eat and you eat. And also, there are
always a few tears. That's a part of it. And to
understand our scripture, we have to look at the
backdrop there of the family reunion and remember this
did not originate in the south with your family or
with my family. It originated way back in the first
century. There in the early church, they had what is
called love feasts. Agape meals. And they would gather
together in the life of the c ...

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