by Dr. Ed Young

(.Transcribed from Actual tape) January 26, 1986 PM



I Corinthians 8:1-13

Is it a sin to watch the superbowl when a church service is going on?
Absolutely. And the penalty is it'll be so wopsided it'll bore you to
death. What's the last score, anybody know? What? 30 to What? 30 to
3. 44! 43 to 3. 44 to 3. Wel 1 , I tol d you New Engl and woul d wi n.
Open your Bibles, if you would, to Romans[sicl Chapter 8. Corinthians,
Chapter 8. I may be the next New England quarterback. I Corinthians,
Chapter 8. I was gonna read us Romans 14:23 later on, but I'm not gonna
r-ead it toF you now. I Cor-;nthiaiis B. We'll f in-;Ish our rtu@y on thi@-
tremendous chapter. Let's bow for prayer together.
Lord, thank you for the fun, the fellowship we have in Thy house. For
the fact that we can hear, once again, that Thy Son, Jesus Christ, is
indeed the cornerstone and yet be thrilled over and over and over again
by that tremendous, staggering truth. Lord speak to our hearts, speak
to our minds, speak to our lifestyles. We prayed that so many times in
this place that I wonder, oh Lord, that perhaps it has become vain and
repetitious. That's not our heart. Oh, we ask that Thou will come and
tabernacle among us. That Thou will meet with us. Speak, dear Father,
clearly through Your Word and through this service and let me get out of
the way, so that Thy Word and Thy truth alone might be lifted up,
understood, applied into our living. For we pray in the strong, holy
name, the name of Him who, dear Father, gets us into Thy presence, in
Jesus name. Amen.

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