by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from Actual tape) January 19, 1986 AM



I Corinthians 7:8-35

Hope you have your Bibles open to I Corinthians 7. This morning we'll
look at Verse 8 through Verse 16 of I Corinthians 7. By way of intro-
duction, let me say this. I do not care even a little bit whether you
agree with me or not this morning. Whether you agree or disagree with
me makes absolutely no difference, but as we open the Book, I am seeking
to say what God says. Through the authority of God's word and therefore
what anybody here thinks and say "I don't agree with that or I've never
heard that before or I don't believe that." Let me tell you something,
save your cards and letters. I am simply going to say a word about what
the Book says. Now I grant you, you could get a whole train load of
evangelical theologians and lock them up together for one year and they
would not come out agreeing upon all the interpretations about marriage
and divorce. But I assure you I have prayerfully and as thoroughly as I
know how, sought to understand what God is saying to me and to you about
this matter. So don't lo..leave and say I disagree with my Pastor. I
hope and pray that as we rightly divide this Book, you'll have to
contend with the truth of God. So, I want to make that abundantly clear
right up front, as we pray together.
Father, we do not have a lock on the interpretation of Thy Word. And
Lord, you know my own inadequacies, my own weaknesses in trying to
divide this magnificent, supernatural word of truth; but, Dear Lord, we
ask for your guidance and your insight. Take away from our minds any
- 3 -

Paul is at Ephesus and they send messengers from the church at Corinth
to the Apos ...

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