by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from Actual tape) January 12, 1986 PM



I Corinthians 7:1-7

..hand upon our lives individually and collectively we never cease to
be amazed and Lord we pray again, not vainly, not tritely, but from the
depths of our being we ask that You would speak, and let me get out of
the way so that Thy Word and Thy Message alone might be clearly heard
and applied right where we live. For this is our prayer made in the
strong, holy name of our living Savior and Lord, this same Jesus. Amen.
I Corinthians falls into two large sections. The first section is
chapter 1 through chapter 6. The last section begins with chapter 7 and
goes through chapter 16. The first section Paul deals with just general
words of rebuke. He's talked about division in the church. He's talked
about the problems that led to that division. About using human philos-
ophy and turning their backs on God's wisdom. He talked about the fact
there was a party spirit. There were superheroes in the church and
around those superheroes people had gathered and saying "I stand for
Peter," another said "I stand for Paul", and so there was confusion in
th,at body of Christ,
And then we know he dealt with sexual imorality as we looked at it at
the chapter preceeding this one. And then in Verse 7 he introduces and
begins a new section and we need to know something very important to
understand the last chapters of this book.
- 2 -

Paul, beginning with 7 is answering specific questions that he had been

asked in a letter that was delivered to him by those three citizens of

Corinth. And these were questions that he was answering. So we under-

stand that from the phrase, look at in Verse 1,

Now concerning the things abou ...

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