by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
December 22, 1985
Luke 2:1-20

The central beauty of the Christmas message is being
overlooked. The simplicity of it all somehow has led
many of us to forget the central personality in God's
divinely directed drama. Somehow, we have forgotten
that we are at Christmas to celebrate the birthday of
the Son of God. Now, there is a fictional land of
confusing tales where it seems that in the winter
flowers bloom, in the summer water freezes. In this
land, the children play kneeball, not football. They
do not go to school, but the teachers come into their
homes. It's a fictional place where everything is just
a little bit backwards. Not quite right. And in this
mysterious land, there lived an eight-year-old boy
named Jason. It was his birthday, and so Jason was
excited about his birthday but strange things took
place. His grandparents came, but instead of stopping
at Jason's home, they went up the street and spent
their entire stay with a family that Jason and his
family did not even know. Jason's mother baked a
birthday cake for Jason but gave it to the mailman.
Jason's friends heard about his birthday and they
exchanged gifts all over the area but Jason received
nothing. Everybody would send birthday cards to one
another and even to two dogs and one parakeet but
Jason, whose birthday it was, never got a single card.
Until finally, Jason was disgusted with the
celebration of his birthday; and, so, he went out and
borrowed a cheerleader's megaphone and walked through
the land at night saying, "Who's birthday is it,
anyway?" And he would say it over and over again and
the words would echo off the distant mountains, "Whose
birthday is it, anyway?"

I think that's a valid question for us to consider
this Christmas. As we travel millions of miles, as we
give gifts worth billions of dollars, as we receive
literally thousands upon thousands of cards and
pack ...

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