by Dr. Ed Young

Wood, Hay, And Stubble
Ed Young
I Corinthians 3:5-15

Anybody wear galoshes to church? Do they make galoshes anymore? Lift your hand, anybody wear galoshes? Don't be ashamed. Wait ... there's one, two ... two, three ... any... hold your hand up, all the galoshe wearers tonight. Raise your hand up high. Now, there's some intelligent people. Thank you. My feet are wet, I want you to know. This is a flood. You know, I'm not supposed to come when it rains like this...... it's in my contract. Absolutely. It's great to have all you here tonight, especially those who are visitors. That is wonderful. But, it's duck season, so I guess you can come out, you'd have to be a duck tonight to come out in the rain. When I was a boy, it would rain like this, we wouldn't have to go to church on Sunday night. Mother would say, "It's so bad, why don't you stay at home tonight?" "That's a good idea, Mother." We were churched out by now. Delighted you came tonight. We are looking at I Corinthians, chapter number three, verse one through fifteen during these days together. Today, we're going to march right through I Corinthians. Open your Bibles, hold it there, tonight we're going to begin with verse ten and we're going to go through only verse fifteen, ten through fifteen tonight. Let's bow for prayer as we begin.

Father, thank you for your protective hand upon our lives, for bringing us to this warm, friendly, dry place where there is fellowship and love unity and a clean sense of your call as to what we are to be and what we are to do in this place at this time. Keep us tracking for you, give us hindsfeet so that we can be destined by your grace for high places. You speak, Lord, and let me get out of the way so that Thy Word and Thy Holy and divine message might not only be heard, may it be recei ...

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