by Dr. Ed Young

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(Transcribed from Actual Tape) November 3, 1985 - PM
I Corinthians 1:18-31
The Oilers win today? I don't even know. Did they really! What was
the score? Twenty-three -- twenty? Well...that's good. They play
here... in town? Anybody go? Who went? Stand up, Jack, I want to ask
you about this morning's sermon. You went 9:30? How was Sunday School?
You're gonna get half-way to heaven. Um. Well. I'll tell you,
Corinthians is something.
In studying Corinthians, and preparing for these messages, I ... I ... I
felt like I did when I was a young boy and I got to the point that I
thought I could just about throw any other kid around. You know, I was
a little bigger, and I felt I was stronger, and I could handle all those
who lived in three or four houses of where I lived and... but I remember
the day I went up the street and saw this guy. He wasn't particularly
big, he didn't look particularly strong, and we started a sort of tussle
and rassle around and I realized that I was up against something that
was too stout for me. It was a mis-match and I began to sorta, kinda
back off and say, you know, "We can become friends."
As I have read Corinthians, utilizing years of study and prayer and
trying to rightly divide this word, I ... I almost want to back off from
it and say, "It's too stout for me." But I am praying that because we
have "The Interpreter" and that's the Holy Spirit, that we can become
friends with this tremendous word of truth.
- 2 -

Let's prepare our hearts. Father, in this service we pray as we've
prayed so many, many, many times not out of vanity or through vain
repetition or just saying words; but, Lord, ...

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