by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from Actual tape) October 20, 1985 - PM


I Corinthians 1:1-3
About fifteen years ago, I was privileged to travel to Greece. And in
this trip, I was taken by bus with a group of tourist to various places
and as I would stop at this city or that city, I really didn't know
where I was because I had not taken the time to get a map and to look
and see exactly where I was and what was happening, I sort of toured as
if I were looking at the country through a telescope and I looked at one
spot and one spot only and that was it.
I remember one afternoon I went out walking in Athens and I remember it
being at that time an oppressive city and there were a few tourist and
I...l didn't see anybody that looked like anybody I'd ever seen before
and I turned down this street and down that street, and if you know me
very well, you know I can get lost going from, uh, here to my automo-
bile. I have a sense of misdirection. And before long, I was lost;
everything looked alike. The buildings looked alike, the people looked
alike, and I tried to ask for directions and I frightened the people I
was speaking with and they frightened me when they would turn and...and
run away. I went to policemen and tried to, uh, speak with him and he
didn't understand and the little bit of biblical Greek I knew was not
adequate for the modern conversational Greek and, uh, you know, I know a
little Greek and a little Hebrew. The Greek has a restaurant, the
little four mile strait and load it with another vessel and then proceed

to Italy or proceed the other way back to Turkey.

You say, "Well, that's foolish. Why didn't they just sail a ...

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