by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from Actual tape) September 20, 1985 - PM



John 3:1-8

It's great to be back here with..a Cousin Lou Waters on his ranch and to
enjoy the great fellowship, after we got here wi..the traffic. It's
great. We've had a lot of people calling and saying, "I'm lost."
They've turned on every side road and crossroad that you can imagine.
And, ah, evidently wftli tite w(yrk on 1-10, some J'ust absolutely su,-rer.-
dered and with the hassle some of you said it took you two hours to come
tonight. How many of you think it took about two hours, hour and a
half? Look at that, is that unbelievable? We ought to give them
a..a ... a green ribbon or a Shetland pony or something. Huh? Blue Bell
ice cream. They get to be first in line. It takes us a night or two if
you're not familiar wi..what we do here to sorta get warmed up, uh and
so this is our warming up night, the choir has beert gt-eat. Wl'i'la has
been always supercalifragilisticespiallidocious. An..nah, that's all of
that Willa. You need to come and remember the activities tomorrow.
About three o' clock our rodeo will begin. We have a real, live,
professional rodeo. We'll have a lot of our own young people, boys and
girls participating, calf scramble, goat chase, I don't know what all we
gonna do. But you want to be here tomorrow and then for the barbecue
and then tomorrow night, Jerry Clower will be with us and he will tell
us how we can go out and do a little coon hunting. And so, you be here
tomorrow night. Jerry will perhaps be here mingling with us in the
crowd tomorrow afternoon, he's coming in ...

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