by Dr. Ed Young


(Transcribed from Actual tape)


Joshua 8

Let's bow for prayer and lift him up 'ust for a moment together.

"Father, thou doest know that we are here tonight to do exactly what our
choir has presented to us and that is to lift you up. And, Father, when
we lift you up, we lift up thy Son who was lifted up on that tree and
there in the air, separated from Heaven and earth, provided for sinners
like us -- that vehicle -- that way from this life to life forever with
Thee. Lord, we think of your majesty, we think of your glory. Thank
you for causing us to be elevated in worship that will take us out of
the ordinary and the monotonous, the secular thinking of our society,
and truly teach us to focus. Focus clearly and plainly upon Thyself.
Lord, in this service tonight, You speak -- let me get out of the way so
that Thy Word and Thy message and Thy truth alone might be heard,
received, and understood and incorporated into our living. For we make
this prayer in the beautiful name of Jesus Christ. Amen."
It never ceases to astound me that God can take bad things, weaknesses
in your life and in my life and somehow mix them all up together and
change them. And those things that were so horrible and so bad and so
sinful and so despicable, He can cause them to come out for His glory
and for His good for you and for me as well as His Kingdom. Now that's
something I...I just don't understand. We see this in our Scripture
tonight in Joshua Chapter 8 and we know it's a precursor -- it's coming
- 2 -

aheau'- of the, profourd word in Romans 8 whicb. wp-'rp- familiar with and

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