by Dr. Ed Young

#449 (Transcribed from actual tape) May 26, 1985 - AM

Joshua 6:1-20
As we bow for prayer together - "Father, we thank You for this magnificent
day, the first day of a brand new week, and for the thrill of being in
Your house of worship, where we can touch that brother and that sister
and be refreshed by the smile, by the courtesies, by the graciousness of
this Your fellowship. Father, we pray in this hour that You will come close
to us, that we will not just go through the motions of going to church, but
truly You'll look behind all of our veneer - the way we comb our hair and
dress, and all the externalities in which we present to the world as if
everything is great. Lord, look down deep inside, down in the depths of
our consciences, of our hearts, of our minds. Deal with those who are de-
pressed and those who are disturbed...some overwhelmed with various phobias...
some embarrassed, ashamed, lost. Oh, Lord, a lot of people here have so
many questions they desperately need to ask You. So many riddles that are many situations that seem to be inexplicable. And, Lord, we
bow before Thy grace and Thy throne, asking that somehow that at this time,
in this experience, You would come and cleanse and heal, encourage, yea,
a-n&wer, satis@v those doubts, give interpretation to those tears, yea, Lord,
cleanse and rekindle within us that confident, steady walk that You desire
for Your children. Lord, You speak. Let me get out of the way so that
Thy word, and Thy holy and divine message might not only be heard, but may
it be received and understood, and incorporated into our living. For we
make this prayer in the strong holy name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, our
Redeemer, our Lord. Amen."

The story of Jericho is described in Joshua, Chapter number six. To under- ...

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