by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) June 26, 1983 PM

II Peter 1:1-11
Tonight we begin a study of I Peter, so I hope you have your Bibles with you
II Peter, rather. We finished I Peter. We may need to go back over it - and open
them if you would. We're missing about 150 or 60 of our young people and some of
their sponsors. It's kind of empty down here. We can say our church was full to-
night if everybody would lie down. That's how you can tell. Everybody's stretched
out, you had a full church. We miss them. You pray for them. How many of you are
parents or brothers and sisters of those who have gone to the beach for our Bible
conference? Lift your hands. My Goodness. Wonderful. We had a good week last
week with our junior high. We took about the same number down. We had some man-o'-
war little brushes there, little stings and no great difficulty. We treated it. We
have a little clinic down the way there. I know this is good news for the mothers
and dads your children are going. We try to watch them very, very carefully and
very closely, and we're having great food. The complaint we get about our beach
retreat every summer is that when they come home, they expect their mother to cook
like they did at the beach. We had over 80 pounds of roast one night, they consumed
for example. We had a Mexican night, all kinds of Mexican food that we made there
at the beach. We had egg souffle' for breakfast. The only time I get it when I go
ta the youth retreat with our younq people. So they're living, as we say in Missi-
ssippi, high on the hog. You pray for them. It's a tremendous time. I'll leave
following this service and be there with them all week, and I know God will bless
our high school young people as He did our junior high.

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