by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) June 5, 1983 PM


I Peter 5:6-14

Let's go to the Lord in prayer. "Father, we thank You for this day of rest and

reflection, this day of worship and praise and prayer. For singing ... for witness-

ing...for Thy truth...for the glad fellowship we enjoy one with another. We do in-

deed love You and praise You. Lord, You speak now and let me get out of the way so

that Thy word and Thy holy and divine mes@age i@giit not only be heard, but may ;,t

be received and understood and incorporated into our living. For we make this

prayer in the name af U'esus Christ. Amen."

I remember during the Second World War when I was a small boy that somehow we begin
to have air raid practice times in our little in South Mississippi. And they would
sound the siren and we would cut out all the lights and pull down all the window
shades, and a plane would fly over to see if anybody would dare break the curfew...
if anybody would dare leave a light on. I was filled with anxiety about the war as
a youngster. And I remember following daily as best I could what was happening as
this group would move and that group would advance. But I was reassured by my par-
ents and by older people that this would never happen there. We'd never have to
worry about bombings. We'd never have to worry about war. And so even though they
practiced those air-raids would frighten me as a youngster, I had assurance that I
would never have to worry..."this is just a practice. It's not real. The fiery
trial will never take place."

Now Peter here is saying in the book of I Peter, be prepared, be alert, be warned ...

the fiery trial for your faith WILL take place. Not maybe, not perhaps, not it


could, but WILL. There is a definiteness about what h ...

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