by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed frgm actual tape of sermon Oune 17, 1979

Luke 15:11-32
A father and mother were seated at the dinner table with their 17 year old son. And
almost in a casual way , yet very planned and deliberate - the boy said, "Dad, I wonder
if it would be alright if I used your car tonight. Bill has a date and I've got a date
and we are just going to the movie and if you will let me use your car - I promise you
I'll come straight home and I'll be here by 11:30."

The father glanced at his wife with a knowing nod and with unspoken communication that
takes place across years of a marriage relationship. The father looked over and said,
"I think it will be alright. But you have to make sure that you'll be home by 11:30."

Now this son eats the rest of the meal but he is excited. It is the first night that
he has gone out in this way. It's the first time he has been out at night with the
car by himself. And so he gets through eating and he leaves and you can be sure that
father and that mother were restless that evening. They tried to watch television; they
walked around; they read; the telephone rang a time or two and they talked to some
friends - but about 11:15 - they were really on edge ..... just listening for that car
to enter the drive. The telephone rang. Both of them raced for tite prio-rie - Da-d w-nr g
the contest. He picked up the phone and a voice said, "I'm a nurse at the hospital.
There has been an accident involving a member of your family. We don't think it is too
bad." The Dad interrupts and says, "Is he hurt very bad?" "No. We don't think it is
very bad. We think he is going to be alright. He is just shook up a little bit. The
car is fine." And then the father says, "You tell my son that I'll ...

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