by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
June 10, 1979
Matthew 5:43-48

Five times in our study of the greatest sermon ever
delivered we have looked at Jesus as He has dealt with
the old law. Not once did the Master teacher of the
Beatitudes disclaim, rebuke or explain away the law.
He said I am come to fulfill the law. It was said of
them of old time, but I say unto you, Jesus attacked
all the barnacles that had gathered around the law of
Sinai. That had gathered around all the principles of
the Old Testament. He looked at all the
misinterpretations in the Mishna, all the shabbiness
in much of the Talmede. And so we know Jesus was
dealing with another aspect of the law. Perhaps the
most difficult aspect to understand - as He approaches
now - the law of love.

I have a question. It's an open question. Do you think
that love can be commanded? Can you say - love - and
you follow through as a command? Is love a command?
Now I'm sure everybody here knows that in the New
Testament the Greek has many words for love. One word
talks about a family love - it is a natural thing to
love your wife and your husband, your children, to
love your parents, to love members of your family.
That is just a normal love. There is also a romantic
love there. And you say, I've just fallen in love. We
use the word - eros - erotic love - a romantic love.
And also, there is a word for friendship. We say that
individual and I must have chemistry. There is an
infinity there, an understanding, we like the same

But we see here in our scripture this word has to do
NOT with a natural kind of love - a normal kind of
love - a love that just springs forth and effervesces.
This is a kind of supernatural love. We know the word
- it is an agape love. An agape love is when we love
people who do not deserve it. It's when we love people
who do deserve it, but we love them totally and if
possible - and if necessary - to the de ...

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