by Dr. Ed Young

Transcr@@pd from actual tape of sermon June 3, 1979 PM


I wonder if it would be appropriate if Jesus would say that to you or to me? What if
He would come up to you and say, "WHy do you call me Lord, Lord - and do not the things
that I tell you to do?"

Would that ever be a good word to you? Is that what Jesus Christ is saying to you or
saying to me tonight? You say - Lord, Lord - - and by the phrase "lord" - we mean
Master - supreme being - controller of my life. The authority in my life. The one
I bow to. The one I worship. The one I want to please. The one that turns me on!
The one that is the goal and the essence of my being. You call me Lord, Lord - yet
you do not do the things that I tell you to do?

How can this be? Yet, many times we find ourselves right at that our
Christian pilgrimage and walk.

What is this that the Lord wants us to do? Join the church? That's a little part of it.
Pray? Certainly. Read the Bible? Absolutely. Money, gifts? Right on. But that's not
what He is talking about. What the Lord wants you to do and what the Lord wants me to
do - is to give ourselves - totally and completely - to Him. You say - well, I've done
that. But what do we do? We take some back. Yesterday - we say Lord, Lord, I'm selling
out to you today. You've got every bit of me - but I want this part back today. I want
to move in this direction in this hour. So it is a daily, daily, daily, surrender to Him.

All He wants - - is all of you - and all of me - - that is all He wants! And when we
give Him our ALL in surrender He gives us in return - His all. What a Father that would
be! You said - My Dad owns the cattle on a thousand hills! That's our Father in Heaven.
Rightly related to Him - when we not only say, Lord, Lord - but we do - we are obedient
to Him - we do what He ...

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