by Dr. Ed Young

Telling the Truth
Ed Young
Matthew 5:33-37

We know that swearing and the hearing of-oaths; making commitments and covenants are common today - and so it was in the days of Jesus Christ. The Jews were an oath-making people. They would swear they would make a covenant because this was prior to the time of a lot of legal instrumentality. Primarily, it was just a verbal, interpersonal kind of relationship. And therefore, when you made an agreement with someone - over any issue - the parties would swear. They would swear before God and they would swear before those witnesses that they would not do that - or - they would do that!

And so we see the setting of our scripture, Remember how beautifully that Jesus has introduced these verses to us? In this particular area and this particular context of the Beatitude pronouncements - he starts off by talking about the preservation - the preservation of life? He talked about how we are guilty of murder, even if we have hatred in our hearts. And then Jesus talks about the preservation of marriage - He talks about adultery and He talks about divorce and He deals with it in a straightforward way. And this morning He talks about the preservation of language. And He builds around what we say - an unusual importance and significance. The Lord says it is important what you do.

Nobody can do just what they want to do. It's important what you think. Nobody can think just what they want to think. Proverbs says, ''As a man thinketh, so is he.'' That's what you really are, that's what I really am. As we think - also, it is important what we say - the words that we speak.

I've heard more than one person say - well I can say just what I want too! Not so, ac- cording to God. You know we have the idea that in the Christian life that because we have received Jesus Christ into our lives - that we can then interpret and live every thing just about like we want too! Anything that comes straight and hard and plain and demanding - we j ...

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