by Dr. Ed Young

The Uncrowned Queen
Ed Young
Lamentations 4:2-6

An army of occupationalists have taken over our land. Perhaps you haven't even noticed it.

In every area and every precinct you see this army is moving in slowly, yet completely until before long, this army of occupationalists will own every foot of land will occupy every seat in our government until this army controls the total society of the United States of America. This army is our young people! And the staggering thing is to realize that we, as parents have the high, holy and seemingly impossible calling of getting a man a gentleman a Christian man out of that child; a woman a lady a Christian lady out of that girl. And any parents always surely must be staggered and overwhelmed at the responsibility yet, at the possibility of what could flow forth, from your love as husband, as wife, as parents.

The Father is important. The Bible says the Father is to be the head the spiritual head of the home and to love his wife as the Lord Jesus Christ loved the church His body and gave Himself for it.

But it is the Mother who is to be the heart of the home and I firmly believe that the Mother is the pace setter in the home the life-style establisher in the home; and therefore, this morning, we honor our Mothers.

Someone astute person would say, ''Why that word of lament from Lamentations?'' Of all books in the Bible, the book of Lamentations has been thoroughly baptized in tears. If you want to read of some whining read Lamentations. But yet our scripture is not just a lament it is also a rebuke. Where the author, the prophet, here says, ''The daughters of my children is cruel like an ostrich.'' It's plural there in the verse but that is hard to say. So like an ostrich in the wilderness now the prophet had to be bold to even write these words; and perhaps I have to be foolish to try to pronunciate them and to elaborate on them on this Mother's Day.... because this is a day of open, unapologetic sentiment a ...

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