by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed f@m actual tape of sermon April 22, 1979 PM

WHO SAY YE THAT I AM? Matthew 16:15

Jesus withdrew - this is a-time when Jesus literally went for rest and reflection. You
talk about going on retreats ( by the way, I don't like the name Retrest. I tell all our
group when they go out of town - you go out on an Advance.) We've been going on retreats
all my life - go on advance - so Jesus went on an Advance - He went to Caesarea Phillipi
and the place that He chose is exceedingly important. Now you have to make a difference
between Caesarea by the Sea - on the Mediterannean - and Casesarea Phillipi, which is
about 25 miles - almost directly north of the Sea of Galilee. I'd been to the Holy Land
4 or 5 times before I ever went to Caesarea Phillipi- had been to Caesarea by the Sea -
but I'd never been to this place. How many people? Jim, you've been to Caesarea Phillipi-
anybody else been to Caesarea Phillipi? In the Holy Land? It is sort of off the beaten
path. Nobody. It is a very, very interesting place...and I think that it is significant
that this is where Jesus took his disciples at this time in His ministry. Now you re-
member, He had had a public ministry of about 2 and 1/2 years - it was approximately 6
months before he would die on the cross. And right in the middle of his ministry, he
withdrew - he took the 12 - his family - his intimate friends - he went up to Caesarea
-hillipi - now what was at Caesarea Phillipi? First of all - it was the citadel - at
least in the Palestinian world of that day - it was the citadel of worship as far as
the Greeks were concerned. The god to Pan - they believed was buried there Pan was
buried at Caesarea Phillipi. Can anybody tell me what a follower of Pan - what would
they worship? Anyone tell me? The God of Pan - you would w ...

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