by Dr. Ed Young

RADICAL SURGERY Matthew 5:27-30
A Hindu saint of the 19th century tells the fable about a motherless, tiger cub that was
brought up by a group of goats. The little tiger began to behave like a goat ... would
bleat like a goat ... would eat grass like a goat .... would in general, conduct himself just
like a goat and for all practical purposes, externally speaking, the tiger WAS a goat.
Until one day - a king tiger happened by and saw this little tiger in the middle of those
goats and began to wonder - how str@nge? What's going on? And the king tiger just walked
out in the little herd of goats and all the goats ran and scattered except the little tiger.
And the king tiger went up to him and said, "What's the meaning of this masquerade?"
Little tiger just continued to eat grass and bleat like a goat - not understanding. Fin-
ally the king tiger picked up the little tiger and carried him over to a clear stream -
there allowed the little tiger to look at his reflection as he also looked at the re-
flection of the king tiger. They stood there for a long time - still no recognition.
Then the tiger went out and got some raw meat and gave it to the little animal. The first
time he had ever tasted raw meat - at first it didn't taste so good - but - he began to
chew on it and before long he felt his blood beginning to warm up - and then ever so
gradually, it dawned upon him - as to who he was. And you could see that little tiger
take those claws and just begin to force them into the earth and to swish that powerful
tail and finally he lifted up his head and let out an exalted roar and ALL the woods
trembled in its quake.

You know - when a man looks closely at Jesus Christ - when anyone of us takes time to

really LOOK at the Son of God - we discover mysterious things about ourselves - that per-

haps we had never seen ...

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