by Dr. Ed Young

(series of questions that Jesus asked)
Jesus Christ taught that prayer... is important... and vital .... for every child of His.
The disciples were hot and discouraged; ready to turn in their pink slips and say - we

You remember the problem? A father came with a boy, possessed with a devil, with demons.
Jesus, with the three disciptes, has been up on top of a mountain - t!Te Mount of Tran-s-
figuration - but that is in parenthesis. They had this tremendous experience and they
came back down the mountain and founf all of His disciples cowed, beaten, discouraged.
Because this father had brought a boy here who was ill, who was sick.

The disciples had tried everything they knew to heal him. They had healed before; now
the power was gone.

Like Sampson of old - they went out as they always went out and they shook themselves
as before; but as Samson - nothing happened. The power was gone. So they could not
understand why this boy could not be made whole.

Jesus arrived and He asked a few questions. What's his name? How long has he been ill?
Normal questions. Looked at the father and said, "If you can believe all things are
possible." The father was honest and he said, "Lord, I believe - but I've got some doubts
about it. You see, all your disciples have failed and I have some problems believing
that you are going to do it. But Lord - I believe. Help thou my unbelief."

And Jesus healed the boy. We are sure that the father and the son were jubilant. And
then the Master teacher goes off with His disciples and they began to question. "Lord,
what happend to us? We use to have something going here and we've lost it. What's
taken place? Why couldn't we heal that boy?"

And Jesus says - this kind of healing cannot take place exc ...

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