by Dr. Ed Young


"If my wife nags me one more time, I will blow my top!" said George. And Tom listened and
said, "Look... you better just settle down and ease off and get all of that venom out of
your system.... if you don't you are going to have ulcers and all sorts of physical pro-
Now George's friend did not give an accurate medical diagnosis - but I think he said some-
thing very sound and very mentally and psychologically and spiritually practical. Because
when we get mad ... we get angry.... things happen to us physically. When you get mad, im-
mediately blood rushes to all of the major muscles of your body. When we get angry our
hearts begin to pump vigorously - throwing sugar into our blood stream to give us energy.
But you see ... wtiat 4appms .... we get -inad and ang-ry, our body, phys'l ca'l Ily, 4is prepar4ing us
to fight - but we are cultured. That is beneath our diginity. No physical combat for us.
So all of this that has been charged into our system - the sugar just sort of stays in
there and passes out as waste and all the muscle tension and strain and charging of the
blood through your body - you see this happens physically to us. It's harmful - it's detri-
mental and some one who flies off the handle - someone who expresses their temper.... is in
trouble eventually... physically.

In fact, do you know what Jesus said? Jesus said that if we are angry at someone.... we are
guilty of murder! Anger is poisonous. Our Lord says that anger is a deadly malignancy that

It was magnificient audacity! It really was. When Jesus stood up there on that mountain
and said, "It was said of them of old time, this...but I say unto you.... this." If I stood
up here this morning and said, "This is what the Bible teaches - but I say unto you... something
else.... something more....... wou ...

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