by Dr. Ed Young

Better Than The Best
Edwin Young
Matthew 5:17-20

Mike was by himself, driving down a road through the state of Kansas. He was about a half day behind in his schedule and gradually - before he knew it - he was just pushing down on that accelerator because the road in front of him was straight as an arrow - as flat as a pancake and as empty as a spent cartridge. So gradually he began to go faster and faster.... with a little background music on the radio and the hum of the engine - and then he heard another noise coming up behind him. Sort of a whining sound that is always followed by the recognition of a light turning around. He slowed down to 60, to 50, to 40 and finally pulled over to the side of the road. A Patrolman got out and he got on his most innocent look. Patrolman walked up to him and said, "Are you trying to make your wife a wealthy widow?" And he answered, "No, I'm just out here by myself and I wasn't paying any attention and I started going faster and faster." And the officer said, "You are going 22 miles over the speed limit. I'm going to have to give you a ticket."

What can you do? So Mike responded, "Well, it's the law."

Now part of the law is rather easy to understand, apply and interpret. But there is a lot of the law that is not so easy to apply and understand or interpret. In fact, if you move law into the personal realm and we call it ethics or morality - there is a whole new game brewing. Newsweek Magazine says that we need mature men and women who will stand up for what is right. But the struggle today in much of our world is right at this point. Our forefathers, they said, "We know what is right.... but we just want the power and the wisdom and the strength to DO what is right." Our society says, "What is right? How do we know that is the right thing to do? How do we know that's the right thing to do? How do we know that's the moral thing to do?" And so we have a whole floating environment of ethics.

Now this was something like ...

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