by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
Matthew 5:18

I think we need to remember all the time that Jesus
WAS DIFFERENT. He came into this world for one
purpose. And this purpose dominated every step, every
word, every thought that He had. Jesus came to do the
will of the Father. And our Lord and Savior took
commonplace things and He gave them the touch of the
Divine. When we sit down and eat a meal, we take bread
and we break it, if you have good manners - and
immediately when we break the bread we remember what
the Master said: "I am the bread of life."

We go into a room. We flip a switch. A light comes on.
We remember Him saying, "I am the light of the world."
We walk out in the yard or through a field and we
reach and just pick a flower and we remember Jesus
saying, "Even Solomon in ALL of his glory - was not
arrayed like that flower." We see a bird - a sparrow -
a common sparrow - a dime a dozen - flying in the sky
and it lands on a twig. Remember Jesus said, "Even one
of these - when they fall - it is in accordance with
the will of the Father." And the word here is not when
a sparrow dies - but even when a sparrow literally
jumps from little twig to another little twig - Jesus
says, "The Father notices because this is in harmony
with His purpose, with His plan for the world."

Look in the center of your table. You will see a salt
shaker and every time we reach for salt, remember the
Master saying, "Ye are the salt of.the earth." Common
things. Bread. Light. Flowers. Salt. Jesus took them
and just amplified them! And used them as immortal,
eternal lessons for all of us to understand His plan,
His purpose, His precepts, His teachings for our

We've walked through the Beatitudes together these
weeks - we've talked about being poor in spirit; we've
talked about being meek; He implored us to become
peacemakers; He expanded our thinking when He said you
can even be happy you're persecuted - ...

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