by Dr. Ed Young

THE CHURCH HOUSE Romans 16:3-5

Sometimes I think preachers have talked too much about the Albert Schweitzers of the world!

Now we need people who will give up everything in this material realm and go to Africa as

missionaries. In fact, the first real serious praying I did in my own life - for many,

many months, as I was a young student in the Seminary - was about whether or not God was

calling me to a foreign field of service. And I never did get the affirmation of God -

and really for a long time - I confess to you tonight - I felt like a second class citizen,

and a second class Christian and a second class pastor. Now we need those who are touched

by God, to go on foreign fields of service and share this Good News .... but to have the idea

that a missionary or a pastor or any person in the Christian life has more prestige or

more entree to God than the most basic simple Christian - - - is strictly NOT biblical.

The highest calling on the face of this earth is to be a Christian. The highest calling

on the face of this earth is to be a child of God. And I think in our scripture tonight -

we have an emphasis upon a couple of personalities that have great prestige and prominence

in the New Testament - but yet, as far as we know - did not great edifying work in their

life and in their ministry.

Paul, here, writing to the church at Rome - says, "Greet my fellow workers." Now if I
hadn't read this scripture to you - what do you think the Apostle Paul would be talklng
about? Now - we remember that he knew who's who in the early church and he says, "Greet
my fellow workers" you would think he was saying a word of greeting to that great preacher,
Peter - or perhaps the great organizer in the church - Titus - or perhaps the great ...

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