by Dr. Ed Young



Do you ever wonder if you are getting through? I think God sometimes must wonder if He
is getting through to us, with His Beatitudes. Have you figured out already, that these
Beatitudes are absolutely devastating?

Lois and Fred had been married for almost a year and they had literally, never had a
cross word. Oh once in a while they would get upset and made - but they would just push
it all down and say, "Why, we are just married and we're helplessly and hopelessly in love.
Until finally one day - Lois went to the beautician and got one of those new kind of per-
manents. And she came hom and Fred looked at her and stepped back and asked, "What happened?"
"Did the operator fall asleep?"

And she, in bitterness and anger, lashed back - and sure enough ... the battle ensued! One
brought out this fact and another brought out this fact and all the idiosyncracies and all
the little things that had been annoying the other one .... they just let it all hang out -
for about an hour or so - acutally .... I guess .... it would have erupted into physical vio-
lence but somehow in the argument, Lois had pointed out to Fred how she had never liked
his long, big sideburns - and so Fred didn't make it a physical battle .... because he knew
it was a mismatch from the beginning.

So in exasperation and anger, he got up and walked out and went to an air conditioned rest-
aurant where he was seated and just stayed there for awhile - until he cooled off!

In the meanwhile, Lois stayed at home and she began to evaluate all she had said and all
that had been said to her - and she traced it back to the beginning - and saw how friviolous
and how silly their argument was - but she had pride - she knew Fred had pride - move than

he needed... like mos ...

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