by Dr. Ed Young


What do you think it would take to make us happy? What do you think it would take to

satisfy me? Completely and totally - to satisfy you? What would it take? Money? Power?

Prestige? Pleasure? Health? Longevity? Family? Love? What would it take? To really

make you happy; to really make me happy? What would it take?

When Jesus was walking on this earth, He saw a lot of people looking for happiness. Real

joy, real satisfaction, real freedom. Life, with a capital 'L'. He saw them looking for

happiness in wrong ways. And I-Mink He would discover the same thing today, in the

century in which we live. And He said a very clear word here - the word in our scripture.

"Blessed, happy, are to be congratulated are those who hunger and thirst after righteous-

ness for," says our Lord, "they and (it is an exclusive point here) they alone will be

satisfied, will be filled, will be fulfilled."

Let's look at the words. The first one, righteousness. That's a church word, isn't it?
I think of the King James VErsion of the Bible. Nobody has ever come up to me on the
streets in normal conversation, and said, "How is your righteousness getting along?"
You know, it is almost gone out of our speech, except in church. And some of us - when
I think of the word righteous - I think of the Old Testament, and to my mind comes the
Phariseees. With all their rules and all their regulations, and I think of the word
righteous or the word righteousness, I think of THOU SHALT NOT, and a whole list of 'no's'
- negatives. Do not du thts; dG not do that; stop doing that - and you w4,-'.'. be rigbteotis.
But you take the word righteous or righteousness and move it to the New Testament and
you see that it comes to mean 'being right-wise'. You look up in the Bible dictionary
and it will t ...

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