by Dr. Ed Young

Luke 10:41


"Martha, Martha...thou art anxious and troubled about many things." It's easy to get in
trouble, as a preacher, with this scripture. Because the truth of the matter is .... most
of the women present, fortunately or unfortunately - are Marthas - but also - the men
get in involved in this tyranny that's a part of the scripture. It's a very common,
placid, bucolic scene. A domestic scene. Here's a home; it consists of 2 sisters and
a brother. Martha was the oldest. I know that because she greeted Jesus, when He came
to the door. Martha was in charge. Martha was the worker ... the organizer .... the brains
behind the household and the impetus to get things done! She felt responsible.
And so now Jesus came and remember - Jesus was a VIP, but a controversial person. You
could hear all the neighbors begin to talk. "They are having Him over again! Do you know
what I heard about HIm when he was outside Bethany the other day? When He was in Galilee,
you know what they said? You know what the leaders are saying? Those in the synagogue
are saying ' have nothing to do with this man.' He is a - not a false prophet - others
are saying

And you could hear all the neighborhood talking about Mary and Martha and Lazarus and

their home, inviting Jesus to dinner. And so the stage was set amidst the gossiping and

the criticism and the question marks that were apparent. Jesus arrived. Mary was there

in the outer room, seated at his feet with Lazarus. And Martha goes to the kitchen.

Now you can guess that Jesus was unexpected. They didn't know that He was going to come.

If He had been expected - Martha, being the kind of workaholic and disciplined person

that she was - she w ...

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