by Dr. Ed Young


Esau despised his birthright. I submit to you tonight that Esau is an example of a splen-
did animal. He wasn't mean. He wasn't vicious. In fact, I think he was more or less a
generous sort of a person. An athlete. A combination of Jack Lambert and Jack Hamm and
all the other Jacks that hijacked us this afternoon! He could move and walk and you could
see he had the motion of an athlete. Gregarious, open, alive, an outsdoorsman, tanned
face - this man Esau - a splendid animal. Now.... let's review just for a moment what
happened to Esau. The Bible says he despised his birthright. He had been hunting. He
was so anxious to get out and pursue the game that he forgot to take anything with him to
eat. Perhaps little to drink, except in the streams along the way. And he got so caught
up in the activity that he just pursued the hunt and the chase and he came back home breath-
less and hungry.... and he could smell the red beans cooking! It was his brother Jacob...and
he said, "Give me something to eat, I'm starving to death." An overstatement - but if you
have ever beenout fishing or hunting for a long time and run out of food and you sort of
extend the period and you come home .... you know a little bit about what Esau felt and .....
exaggerate this some more.... due to the time and the conditions and the way they had to
travel and you know something of how he felt. He said, "I'm hungry - give me something to
eat." And Jacob knew how lightly he handled his birthright and he said, "Okay, if you will
sell me your birthright." And he said, "What's a birthright when you are starving to death?"
And so he handed him a big pot of beans and he just gulped - consumed them. And when he
got through, the Bible tells us that he went out - because he despised his birthright - it
didn't bother him a bit in the wor ...

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