by Dr. Ed Young


What we laugh at and what we cry about is a pretty good barometer of our character.
I'll discover a great deal about you and you"11 discover a great deal about me - by
just simply observing something that makes me laugh or something that makes me cry.
In fact, I think it is safe to say that maturity can be judged in one area about the
things we laugh at and about the things we weep over. You know sometimes a child will
cry over something and we will say, "Why that's nothing. That's not important."
That's their level of development. Another time they will laugh at a very inopportune
time, very inappropriately - and we say, "That's not funny."

I remember reading about a train accident in Great Britain. A mother was killed as
she was holding her little girl. When they took the little girl away from her dead
mother, in the wreckage of the train .... the little girl was just laughing and smiling
and having the time of her life. But when they took the candy away from her she threw
a fit and began to cry and to move around and jerk almost convulsively.

You see, the little girl did not kno'w anything about death .... so she didn't know how
to respond. But the little girl knew something about candy, therefore she responded
according to her level of development, understanding and maturity.

So I think we need to recognize that the higher we grow - the more sensitivity we
have - the more we feel - the more we hurt - the greater the possibility we have of
sorrow - but also the more sensitive we grow and the more we mature - the greater
possibility for genuine joy and happiness.
Sue was engaged to be i-narried. She had gone with this fellow for more than 2 years.
A date was set. But he got cold feet .... bailed out ... and left town. Sue was em-

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