by Dr. Ed Young

John 3:1-8

Our scripture tells an astonishing story. In fact, it's an unbelievable story - were it
not in the Bible. It's a staggering thing. And this story we have heard so much; read it
so many times; we've heard it proclaimed on so many occasions - it tends to lose its thrust
with us. And we've heard a lot about being born again - all the way from Jimy Carter to
Colson and others across the line. What does it mean to be born again? How can you be
born again? How dod you know when you are born again? This passage has been opened and
read and interpreted and proclaimed more - I think - in the last couples of years - than
perhaps it was proclaimed in many years before that time. All the way back to the great
hour and the great days of EVANGELISM and great evangelistic crusades in the 30's and 40's.
'&,af. does it mean? 4bat ic- this scripture all about?

We have to begin by understanding it is just absolutely unbelievable that a man like

Nicodemus would go to Jesus, at all. And he went to Him with sort of an overview. He

just says a very nice thing. I'm sure he had a whole list of questions he wanted to

ask. I'm sure he thought out an old line of debate he wanted to bring forth. But he

goes to Jesus and just simply makes this claim. He said, "I know you are a man of God

because no one, unless they are from God can do all the great supernatural, splendid,

marvelous, miraculous things you are doing."

In other words - he led with a polite word .... a word of compliment. That really wasn't

what his going to Jesus was all about. But Jesus just cut across every bit of that.... and

went to the heart of the issue.

But Nicodemus' going to Jesus - that's strange. And the more I read it and the more I

studied it - the more I learned about the Pharisees - who t ...

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