by Dr. Ed Young

"HAPPINESS IS..." Matthew 5:1-2

When kings were philosophers, there lived in the East a mighty monarch by the name

of Phafer. Phafer had three sons, princes. All three were handsome, gifted, intel-

ligent, shrewd, and promising. Phafer desired that these sons would be educated and

prepared to rule the land; and, so, he sent them out to discover the world. They

would go on trips and pilgrimages to distant places, and they would come back and

report to their father, the king, what they had seen, what they had experienced,

what they had found. For example, once they went and they were following a camel

caravan. The leader of the herd of camels counted the animals and said, "One animal

is missing, but I do not know which one." And, so, these three young prices followed

the camel, and before long they discovered exactly what he looked like. They dis-

covered that he was blind in one eye because they observed that as he would walk he

would eat grass on this side more than on the other. They also discovered that he

had two teeth missing because as he would bite into a clump of grass, they would

notice the grass that he would leave as he would eat along his way. They observed

that he had one leg perhaps that was crippled, a back leg, and they would see where

he would drag it through the road and through the grass and fields as he would

travel. And then they observed that he had honey on one side of his back and butter

on the other side of his back, because around the butter the ants would come to the

fat and to the honey the flies would come to the sweet.

And this is the kind of thing they would do and report to their father. And every

time they seemly went out on a trip, they would always tell their father, the king,

that they were looking for this, but they always seemingly fou ...

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