by Dr. Ed Young

NO ROOM Luke 2:1-7

Are you skilled at imagination? Would it be difficult for you just to imagine for a mom-
ent - that riq@t over here to my right - you can see a manger scene? In this manger scene
there would be the shepherds and the wise men; the angels. There would be Joseph and
Mary and the animals - and picture there, a manger.... a little stable in a little shelter....
and then the baby in the manger. And then over a little bit further on that side let's
have a little 7 year old... golden haired girl ... with sort of a quiver in her voice singing
AWAY IN A MANGER. Can you picture that right there?

And we would like at that scene and there would be a magnetism about it. There would be
a quiet, gentle, holy beauty that would almost be irrestible - would you agree to that?
Now, keep this scene fixed in your mind and..... on the left hand.... I want you to picture
now a Christmas tree that goes all the way up to the ceiling - one in which we had to take
out about 7 or 8 or 10 chairs from the choir, in order for it to spread its brances..... and
picture this tree magnificiently decorated with all the beautiful tinsel and ornaments you
can imagine..... and then under the tree, let's have about 13 or 1400 gifts .... some large,
some small-.-.a-nd unde-r this tree there is a ciift - a tremendous gift - for everyone here
in this sanctuary. And then, exploding out through the manger scene, we have a Santa Claus
with his ho ho ho and his merry Christmas and .... with bells ringing and chiming ... on his
ams and hands and feet and he goes over to the tree singing JINGLE BELLS - and he begins
to pick up a present and call out your name - and you would rush forward to see wh ...

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