by Dr. Ed Young

TWICE AS MUCH I Kings 19:19

Brooks Hays, longtime Congressman from ARkansas, twice President of the Southern Baptist
Convention ..... Special Advisor and Assistant to 4 different Presidents .... once, was asked
to go back and speak in his home church - in the mountains there in Arkansas, there in
the Ozarks. And he went in the little mountain church and he stood and he said he brought
out the best wisdbm and knowledge and biblical unction that he could manufacture and just
literally preached his heart out. He said when he finished the worship service that Sun-
day morning, that nobody hardly spoke to him. He said he was going home in an automobile
with some of his family and they talked about every thing under the sun - except about
his sermon of that day. He said finally he could stand it no longer and so Congressman
Hays looked back to his Uncle Zeke and said, "Zeke, I've got to know ...... what did you
think about my sermon?" He sort of dropped his head and said, "Well, Brooks ... it could
have been worse if you had had more time!"
You know sometimes in the pulpit - we're pressed and many times I encounter a word from
God - and just sort of start in the message but you don't get through. Have you noticed
that about clergymen? That was true last Sunday as we looked at Elisha; as we thought
about Naaman; and in studying and reading for that message and preparing my heart - God
said something else to me and I would like - this morning's worship service to simply be
a P. S. - a parenthesis - concerning Elisha, prophet God used to heal and speak to Naaman
that we dealt with last Sunday.
Read Scripture.
How would you like to be remembered? Everyone here will be remembered for a little while
after ...

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