by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
Acts 24:25

Open your Bibles tonight. Acts, Chapter 24, and I am
going to read two verses. Acts 24 - I'm going to read
verses 24 and 25.

Now Felix was a black sheep. Felix was born a slave.
Somehow he worked his way to freedom, but Tacious
tells us that Felix ruled like a slave - with cruelty
and with lust. Felix was a bitter, hard, cold,
calculating sinner; a blatant sinner - no subtlety
about it - always out front with his Godless immoral
action. So we see an interesting scene here where Paul
preaches to Felix. We find Felix in church. Does that
seem strange? A man as black-hearted as granite-like,
in church? Now he didn't go to church - the church
came to him. And it works that way sometimes, doesn't
it? The church came to Felix when he saw that Paul
was arrested - this man, who in the name of Jesus
Christ, had turned the world right side up. He had a
very famous prisoner in his dungeons. So he sent for
Paul and asked him to state his faith, state his

Now we have to stop here and ask the question - why
did he send for Paul? Reckon why? Curiosity? Would
that be a good guestimation? Huh? He was just curious.
He was a famous prisoner, he's been selling his
produce, people are making all sorts of claims about
him, all sorts of rumors - and now he belongs to me -
so he just said out of curiosity, "Paul, come and tell
me what this business of Jesus Christ is all about."
Could that have been the reason? Or perhaps, as Luke
intimates, that Paul was brought before the King,
brought before Felix, hoping that Paul would bribe
him. This was common in that day. You had a very
famous prisoner, he had connections, he had a
following; therefore, if you want him released, this
is the price. Lay it on the line. Some speculate that
that would be the reason. Could be. Right? You know
about kings - they just need a little more and it's a
lot of overhead to run a kingd ...

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