by Dr. Ed Young

Playing Second Fiddle
Edwin Young
John 1:40

Who is that man going there? Oh, certainly - everybody recognizes him-- that's Andrew. That's Simon Peter's brother; in fact, that is Andrew - perhaps the first man - or certainly among the first - to follow Jesus Christ. That's the answer you'd expect, isn't it? Who's that man going there? But that's not the answer we receive or hear, or perceive in the scripture. The question is asked, "Who's that man going there?" "Oh, that's.... it's right on the tip of my tongue - I remember his face, but I've forgotten his name ...oh, that's Simon Peter's brother - that's Andrew - you know Andrew."

Have you ever thought about this fellow Andrew? He had a hard row to hoe! Because nobody knew him just as Andrew - they always put that title on him: Simon Peter's brother. I've met people like that, haven't you? They know a member of your family - a brother, a sister, your father, your mother or someone else of some esteem that you may be in some remote way, associated with - and you will be introduced and they will say, "This is Edwin Young," "Good to meet you." "This is so and so's preacher or so and so's brother or so and so's friend" and they just warm up immediately - "Oh, yeah - it's good...." And they embrace ... you know how that goes? I think Andrew put up with that kind of thing all of his life. And that's the reason I say that Andrew had a tough row to hoe; because we can say categorically, that Andrew never made the first team!

It's hard to be - ladies and gentlemen on the second team! But when you get right down to it - most of us - some, all the time and all of us - some of the time - have to know how to play, graciously, beautifully, sincerely, with a degree of commitment - on the second team -

Nobody likes to play on the bench. Nobody likes to play second fiddle - there's something about applause - there's something about a spotlight - there's something about a title - there's something abo ...

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