by Dr. Ed Young


Most of you remember when you were children and teenagers - go to church and they would
get through the special music and you'd glance at your watch - or ask your Mother what
time it was - then you'd ask how much longer is it going to be - and the fellow would
stand up there and preach, seemingly, forever and forever. Many a Sunday, I thought
you know - wouldb't it be wonderful if he didn't preach to us this twrning. Do somethlng
for me - take down all of your church-like defense mechanisms and I want preach this
niorning - OK? We are just here together - this is Thanksgiving Sunday and we are going
to talk a little bit. Everybody relaxed? Nobody up tight? The deacons who normally
sleep - you are a little alert - because I'm going to talk personally with you. Choir
members - you okay? Everybody? Good. So - being that we are not going to preach, as
such - this morning - a little different - we are going to talk together and we can
just relax and talk a few moments. I thought a good scripture to use would be in Luke
chapter 17.
This talking together kind of seems like preaching - have you noticed any.... ? I think
all of us are familiar with the most popular doll in history/that 12 inch teenager that
we call 'Barbie.' Did you know that according to the Mattel Company that over 12 million
of those dolls have already been sold? Now you men may not know this - but the wives and
all the little girls recognize that Barbie has a wardrobe that's available - that's out
of sight! For this Barbie doll you can get an outfit to go to school - you can get an
outfit to go skiing - in Colorado - you can get an outfit to go to the beach - Barbie
has a change of clothes from the most formal, elegant, evening to a romp in blue jeans
on the beach! And, you know, I think it is interesting, how that Mattel Company. must
be in coohoots (?) w ...

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