by Dr. Ed Young


I invite you to open your Bibles to the Gospel of John, John's Gospel, chapter 15.

I'll begin reading with verse I and read through verse 7. John 15:1-7.

Some years ago I had been gone for 2 or 3 days. I came back on an airplane and was
tired and exhausted. I got in,in the middle of the afternoon and I sort of half way
greeted my family and I told Jo Beth I was going back and go to bed and sleep for an
hour or two before supper, and then eat a little bit and go back to bed again. And I
gave her that look, that husbands gives wives and wives give husbands, that indicate that
DON'T LET ANYBODY BOTHER ME! You know that look? And I went in the bedroom and closed
the door and got under the covers and took a deep breath and was just about asleep - or
I had just fallen asleep and I heard the knob on the door turning and I kept my eyes
closed and I thought surely not - but it kept turning and I heard the door opening with
a little and with all the viciousness and wrath that I felt in my fatigue, just
surged to the top and I thought, "Who in the world - what person, what individual would
be brave enough to come through that door - in such a time as this? And finally, I heard
feet coming toward the bed and I opened one eye and it was my younger son, Cliff. He was
2 or 3 years old and he was walking up toward the bed and boy I jumped up and looked at
him and he was frightened by the way I looked. I remember he just got up very slowly,
climbed on the bed and I looked at him with steady, I'm sure mean, fatherly gaze, and he
reached and put his arms around me and said, "Daddy, I just want to love you a little
bit." (Whistle) I'm telling you - you know, and I just held him and didn't say anything.
In a minute he didn't like that holding too much - you know how little boys are - and he
just jumped down and ran to the do ...

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