by Dr. Ed Young

WHEN PEOPLE LOOK AT YOU Acts 3:1-10; 4:1-13

When the Choir left, it got lonely up there. Hope you are accustomed to bringing your
Bible to church. If not, get used to it. It is a good habit to get in. If you didn't
bring your Bible they've got white Bibles in the pews. Now, if I had been here when you
bought those Bibles they would have been a different color from the hymn book. Some-
body the other week said, "I spent all day trying to find the Bible in the hymn book."
It's in another one in most of our pews. If you would reach and get the Sword, open it
to the book of Acts, Chapter 3. I'll begin reading with verse 1 of Acts 3 and then
we'll just flip over to Acts, Chapter 4 and I'll read verse 13.
Our scripture is really a very simple story. Peter and John were going to church and
on the way to church they saw there by the gate, a beggar, asking for money. "Alms,
alms." Peter and John looked at the man and said, "We do not have any money. Silve-r-
and gold have I none, but we've got something else." Something the man needed more
desparately than he needed silver or gold but he did not have the faith or the courage
to even dare to ask for it. He said, "In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, get
up and walk." And the man stood up walking and jumping and praising God. Now anytime
you cut into some body's ecclesiastical territory you are in trouble. I have been to
a lot of Associational Meetings when they sought to divide out associations and say,
"Now this church minister to all of those on this line and the rest of you minister to
those on this line." And you have never heard such a knock-down drag out as that!
We had a convention one time and sought to do exactly that - a layman from our church
was recently converted - he said, "Pastor, I have been to the National Kiwanis Convention,
to the VFW Convention and I've even once been to a Moose Convention - but until I we ...

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