by Dr. Ed Young

WHAT IS MAN? Psalm 8:4; Luke 15:16-2(

Open your Bibles to the Gospel according to Luke, Chapter 15. I'll begin reading with verse

16 and read through verse 20 and then we will go to Psalm 8 which is our primary text.

A man from California died and went to heaven. He was standing before the Pearly Gates

and the gatekeeper looked at him and said, "Sir, where are you from?" He said proudly,

"From California." And the man said, "Well, where is that?" He said, "Why, the United

States!" No sign of recognition. Finally the man got a little upset. He said, "In North

Americ-a." Nci rp-sponse. He said. "I am from the Planet Earth." Still nothinq. So the

doorkeeper went to an assistant and said, "Check our files and see if we have any place

in all the universes and all the solar.-system called Earth." No one could come up with

any place. No one could find any notice of a planet called Earth until finally an older

scholar came forward and said, "Oh yes, I have found it now. We call it The Wart."

You know, after we saw pictures from the moon as to how our world, our earth, our planet
looked - perhaps that title "The Wart" is not too far fetched. And as we think about our-
selves in the vastness of creation and we see how insignificant is the earth - how much
more so are we. Who am I? Who are you? This is the exact question of the psalmist.
"What is Man that thou art mindful of him?"
Did@ou hear about the half demented man who was found running from office to office in
Washington, D. C.? He as checking and pulling out files. He was looking under tables and
in garbage cans. He was running from building to building, until finally someone pulled
him t.o one said and said, "Sir, what are@ou looking for?" He answered, "I am looking for
me, I"M loookin for myself. I've lost myself." A @17TX sarcastic reporter fr ...

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