by Dr. Ed Young

A Covenant People
H. Edwin Young
Psalms 25:14

Before we turn to our primary text of the morning, I invite you to open your Bibles to I Samuel and then we will go to Psalms 25. I Samuel, Chapter 18. I'm delighted so many people are getting in the habit of bringing your Bibles to church and opening then and following along with me as I read. I Samuel 18, beginning with verse I reading through verse 4. Now if you will turn to look of Psalms Chapter 25 - I'll read only verse 14 of Psalms 25.

Once God and Man were together. You read about it in The Garden. God and Man walked together in the cool of the evening. Isn't that lovely? They fellowshipped together. They talked together. They communed one with another. But Sin entered the scene, and there was the presupposition of sin because of the way man is constructed, made, created by Almighty God. God did not make us to be puppets. He made us in His own image, with the desire for us to be members of his family. His children. A lot of people have trouble at this point. They say, "Why does God allow sin? Why does God allow evil? Why doesn't God set up His Kingdom now, permanent and forever - and take the emoniac influence out of society and out of the world? Why did sin have to enter the world in the first place? If God is omnipotent, omniscient, all powerful, all knowing - WHY? What about your children? What if you had the ability, that you could so program your children, that you could see that they would get up every morning on time - at the exact time you want them to get up. You could just send an impulse - beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep ...... and they'd just wake up. They'd make up their bed, they'd clean up their room, they'd already hung up their clothes, they would go and eat a thorough breakfast, everything in the table you had prepared - they'd be out ahead waiting before their bus and ride came to go to school. They would go to class and you had them so programmed in your computer as little robots ...

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