by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
Phillipians 4:4-13

Two cows Were grazing in a pasture and they began to
look over the fence, and as they looked over the
fence, one cow said to the other, "You know, the grass
looks greener on the other side." And I guess since
that day, people, folks like you and me - as well as
animals,have been looking for green grass and green
pastures. For most of us, green pastures is about what
it was to Mark Conley in his play about the south. It
is entitled "Green Pastures". He pictures there a
bucolic scene in heaven where everybody just sits
around all day in an eternal fish fry, where they have
plenty of hush puppies and any time they run out of
custard, the Lord just performs a miracle and here
comes more fish and more hot custard and more hush
puppies and all that go with it! You never work, you
just sit back and eat and get involved in a picnic
that never ends.

Now a lot of people view life like this and we spend
all of our lives looking for green pastures. And for
so many of us green pastures, green grass is right
across the fence over there where somebody else lives,
where somebody else is working, and somehow we look at
our own plights and we say the problem is where I am,
the problem is my vocation, my job - why, if I were
doing something else. Just say, for example, here is
a doctor who says, "I am tired of being a physician.
I'm called out all hours of the night, I have to go to
the emergency room, I have a job that's demanding and
exacting - I can't afford to make a mistake because a
life is involved. There is pressure here, there is
force there, procedure is changing every day, I have
to read and study. My life expectancy at best is
short. I shouldn't have been a doctor, what I would
like to have been - oh, I think I would have been a
good school teacher." The doctor said, "You know,
school teachers have it made! They get to school in
the m ...

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