by Dr. Ed Young

If I Were Starting My Family Over Again
H. Edwin Young
Proverbs 22:6

This couple had been dating for nine years. They lived in a little town, they went to the same church, they'd lived there all their life, their folks, all their relatives were in the same church. So finally, they decided to get married. Now, that's not too long - my wife and I dated six years. And so this couple dated nine years, and they went to see the pastor and said, "We haven't told our folks that we are going to get married - we don't want them to know it - we want to surprise them. Because everybody said you are never going to get married - you know how that happens - those of you who dated a long time like some of us have - you understand that. "They are never going to get married" - so we don't want them to know about it until - how can we do it? And the pastor said, "I've got a good idea." It was a little rural church. "After the Sunday morning service I will just call you forward and marry you and nobody will have to know about it!" They said, "That will be terrific." And so this was set up and arranged and he sung an invitation hymn and nobody came and then he said, "I want to give another invitation. Those who want to get married, would you come forward." Ten women and four men walked down the aisle! More came,on the second invitation than on the first!! So this couple had a little problem there kinda deciding what's what. So that's where it all started, this business of family life. It started with marriage, it started with falling in love.

Because you know we have our families in all stages. You know, I have two older boys in high school and I have a youngster just starting to school. Incidentally, in my last church - when Cliff was born, somehow the rumor got out that I had a grandson. They had never had a Pastor have any children before in their church - you had to be 95 to become Pastor. They said they were looking for a 35 year old Confederate General when I went there! ...

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