by Dr. Ed Young

How to Fight Fair in the Family
H. Edwin Young
Ephesians 4:26-32

There was a fellow who decided to save money. He was the handyman type and after his wife kept saying, "We have to have new carpet in the den, we have to have new carpet in the den," he just decided to put the carpet down himself. So he went out and measured the floor, got the carpet sent out, got all those stretching things and he talked with a friend who could lay carpet and he showed him how to do it. He said, "Nothing to this." So he set out to lay carpet. He worked all day long and wouldn't let his wife come in the room and he had all the carpet laid just beautifully in the den and he stepped back and looked at it with a deep feeling of appreciation and he noticed a little hump over there in the corner. And he wondered what that was, and as a habit, he reached in his pocket for his cigarettes and they weren't there, so he knew what that was. So he went over there and he thought about the ordeal he would have to go through to unhook that carpet so he went over there and he sort of just smoothed it down a little bit, patted it and rubbed it out - and you know it looked pretty good - got it all smoothed out. In a minute he went into the kitchen there where his wife was working and he said, "Well, have you seen my cigarettes anywhere?" and she said, "Yes, they are right here in the window. By the way, have you seen my parakeet anywhere?"

Now, I don't think I have to tell anybody here tonight that sometimes there is conflict in the home. And I don't think our problems today are home problems - they are marriage problems. I think we have got to try to take all the children in the problems and say, "We've got a problem in our home - it's our children, my wife, my husband." That's not so. I think the children can plead innocent and be accurate in their plea, because where there is a beautiful marriage, a dynamic marriage, a long-suffering marriage, a marriage with loving kindness - and by the way ...

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