by Dr. Ed Young

Jaws: Running Into God
H. Edwin Young
Jonah 1:15-2:1

The Book of Jonah is not just an old ancient story about a prophet who lived in about 1750 B.C. Jonah reveals to you and to me in our 20th Centruy, a very relevant, relevant gospel. If you were here last Sunday, we discovered that Jonah was a Prophet of God, but a Prophet, a man, a servant of God who was running from a command, an invitation of the Lord. The Word of the Lord came unto Jonah saying, "Arise and go to Ninevah," but Jonah arose and set sail to Tarshish, away from the presence of God. And in every life there is a Ninevah of obedience, and there is a Tarshish of disobedience. And so we see for Jonah, as he received this dispicable assignment from the Lord, to go and preach to a people he did not like, he did not know, in fact to a people that was totally contrary to his culture and to his way of life. God asked Jonah to address himself to a people that he had been taught all of his life to despise, and to mistrust. So Jonah, instead of going to the East as God commanded, Jonah got up and headed for the West, away from the presence of God and we know that Jonah set out to end up 2500 miles from where God wanted him to be. You know something - when we decide to get away from God, the world always provides the means, the transportation to get us out of the Lord's hearing distance. So many times we will say Lord, we are going to run from you and Satan will come and say I have just the vehicle you need to get away from that old fogey up there - who is always trying to slow down your life-style, always trying to change the direction of your life.

And so we see Jonah settinq sail from the Port of Joppa to get away from the Lord. We see Jonah running from God, but also we discovered last Sunday that God dealt with Jonah and the good news of the gospel of Jonah is that the Word of the Lord came unto Jonah a second time. And we discovered that our God is a God of a second chance. A God of a second time. ...

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